Community Animal Allies of Niagara

Project Save a Cat's Life

Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease

Niagara Action for Animals

Ontario Veterinarian College - Guelph

Carolina Veterinary Assistance & Adoption Group- Herb Moniz

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary - Lucerne Valley, CA

Earthroots - Wolves Ontario!

Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve - Wolves - Haliburton, Ontario

 Wolf Park - Lafayette, Indiana

Pet Abuse - Info & data base North America

Pet Finder - Adoptable Pets, North America

Petango - North American Pet Adoption

Linda Blair World Heart - Non- profit animal rescue

The Animal Rescue Site

Pit Bull Rescue Central

Villalobos Rescue Center - Canon County, CA Pit bull rescue

Feral Cats - Port Colborne


Lethal Injection- The Story of Vaccination

Patrick Jordan - Vaccines

Dr.Peter Breggin,  MD - Pharma

Stop the Thyroid Madness

Pickl-It - fermenting food

Birth of a New Earth - Jeanice Barcelo

Dr. Betty Martini- Aspartame & more

Dr. Monty - Aspartame

What in the world are they spraying - documentary

Dr. Burzyski - Movie cancer cure

Cancer Truth

Rick Simpson Oil

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Loving Outreach- Suicide Support - Niagara



Donna Van Toen

Carole Devine

Nadiya Shah

Alan Oken

Donna Cunningham

Ellen Bourn

Rick Levine

Chris Brennan

Alan Oken

Mary Shea

Robert Hand

Joyce Levine

Lynn Bell

Bill Auchterlonie

The Astrology Podcast- Chris Brennan


The Mountain Astrologer

AFAN- Association For Astrological Networking

NCGR- National Council for Geocosmic Research

Astrology Toronto

Canadian Association for Astrological Education

International Academy of Astrology

Astrology News Service



Astro Data

Lois Rodden's Databank

Dead People Server




Wayne Mallows   -  Author,  Niagara Falls, ON

Sorceress Secrets - Occult Shop,  St. Catharines

Ask Jewelee - Occult Shop,  Psychic/Medium, Niagara Falls, ON